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  • Posted On : Jul 02, 2018
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  • Description : Digital transformation is the hot topic of the moment. Not only within IT services but mainly in the business agendas. We all think to know why: companies need to transform and engage the digital disruption or ... disappear. Read how professionals worldwide engage digital transformation and learn about ITWNET's upcoming digital transformation fundamentals and practitioner training and international certification.
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  • Digital transformation is about changing.  Deep changes.  Changes of people, processes, businesses and even culture. Changes that will happen, whether we like it or not.  Remember that phrase: the only "constant" is change?  Well with digital transformation this is not only true but it is also unavoidable!

    There are plenty of publication online and books; plenty of minutes of videos and hundreds of lectures discussing this topic.  Every company, every consultant, every training organization has its own magic formula on how to ride the digital transformation wave.  

    At ITWNET we have consulted our members and our stakeholders, globally.  In our commitment to make the IT professional more successful and provide IT Managers and professionals with told that would not only tell them about digital disruption, digitalization, digital readiness or digital whatever, we wanted to find a tool that not only will provide knew and complete knowledge in the form of training, but also a way to confirm that acquired knowledge with an international certification for the individual. That is why we created in a community effort the Digital Transformation training and certification in its Fundamental and Practitioner versions.

    But organizations not only need knowledgeable professionals but mostly a way to regularly check on its ability to become and stay digitally ready.  Assessments are a key way of doing this health check, comparing to other similar organizations and repeat it regularly to grow in maturity and clearly see gaps between were the organization is and would like to be. 

    ITWNET Digital Transformation services include IT-CMF Digital Readiness Assessment and Digital Transformation training and certification.  

    ITWNET community believes this is the way to have a successful journey into digital.  In this way you can cover the most pressing issues of digital transformation which include:

    • Understanding where the organization is today in its digital quest
    • How to migrate from the current stage into the desired one; where to start
    • What are the main strategies and digital transformation models
    • How to define a digital transformation leader: what kind of competencies, social skills and business knowledge needs to have
    • How to influence and change customer behaviors
    • How to be and maintain agile and accelerate adoption
    • Better data collection and usage
    • and more ...

    At ITWNET we think that all this can be achieved by understanding three building blocks:

    1. IT-CMF, the IT Maturity Framework developed and maintained by the IVI in Ireland and used by over 600 companies worldwide
    2. The Collaborative Business design and the service constellation approach that allows a digital leader to understand the needs and design the expected services
    3. And the people factor: transforming the professional by developing its technical capabilities, its digital knowledge, but also his/her social skills.

    In upcoming global topics and news we will cover each of this building blocks.