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SPS introduces new version of its IT monitoring suite

Posted by editors itwnet     June 17, 2005     19 views    
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Gensys 6, offers various new features to make proactive IT management even more efficient.

SPS, a specialist in advanced IT management solutions, introduces the latest version of its monitoring suite. The new version, Gensys 6, offers various new features which make proactive IT management more powerful and efficient. Gensys 6 increases end-to-end availability and offers insight into the relation between IT components and business processes. New features in Gensys 6 include Inventory & Asset Management, Software Deployment, new and advanced SAP and web interfaces, an integrated Service Management Portal and integration with third-party knowledge bases.

Inventory & Asset Management
Inventory & Asset Management now provides support for automated, full network discovery of IP devices in order to draw up a detailed inventory of the content of all IT assets. IT assets can be fully managed during their entire life cycle. Using the intuitive query builder and flexible reporting features, overviews can be generated which can be exported to formats including Excel, PDF and HTML.

Software Deployment
Gensys Software Deployment enables organisations to quickly (re)configure server, desktop and laptop computers. Any imaginable software application can be added, replaced or removed per department, branch or user group. Software usage can be monitored down to the last detail.

New SAP and web interface
Combined with the SAP knowledge set, the new SAP interface enables Gensys to proactively monitor SAP R/3 environments and retrieve and use performance data from SAP?s CCMS. Through the new web interface it is possible to use advanced robots in order to test complex transactions and automatically report the results.

Service Management Portal
The Service Management Portal is a web client which provides a full, detailed and real-time overview of all Gensys monitoring data combined with information from service-desk applications. The portal offers an integrated view of the availability of all business processes as well as the status of incidents and activities. The portal automates ITIL service management and makes it completely transparent.

Integration with third-party knowledge bases
This new functionality makes incident analysis and solution much easier and quicker. Error messages generated by networked IT components can be directly linked to specialised knowledge bases and search engines. From now on, root causes can be quickly identified and resolved. Using this feature, organisations can also automatically consult their own knowledge bases and procedures.

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