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IT service management 'on the map' for most UK companies

Posted by editors itwnet     September 28, 2004     9 views    
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But major disconnect between strategic commitment and tactical implementation.

IT Service Management (ITSM) has clearly hit the business agendas of major companies across the UK ? 81% of IT directors make it a priority. For more than four in five businesses, ITSM decisions are not taken at board level and only 24% of businesses have as yet formalised best practice by implementing the benchmark ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) processes.

Why is this commitment not reflected operationally? The survey, conducted by FrontRange Solutions, finds that IT managers focus daily on fixing immediate problems or 'fire fighting'. Not surprisingly, they prioritise the immediate service interruptions that in ITIL terminology are labelled incident/problem management (deemed most important by 17%) and change management (by 13%). By contrast, just 6% take the long term view and place greatest emphasis on more strategic elements such as continuity management or disaster recovery.

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