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Prevent your IT organization from becoming a commodity

Posted by editors itwnet     May 29, 2008     35 views    
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The business will never ask questions about IT's value again once they really get aligned.

Writes Ilya Bogorad at TechRepublic. She advises three first steps any IT organization or IT professional can start applying today:
  1. Develop core business skills. Learn to read financial statements, master common business terminology, and understand key roles of departments and functions within the organization. How do they fit together?
  2. Know the business environment. Learn as much as you can about the industry in which your company operates. Ask questions such as: How is your company doing and why? What is its strategy? What reputation does it have in the industry and the marketplace? Who are its customers? What are the key business priorities today and what are they likely to be tomorrow? What are the key concerns and pressures at the executive level?
  3. Learn to speak the language the rest of the business understands. Very few people outside of the IT organization care about technical parameters of a new router, but many would like to know how it would benefit the business. Adopt a style of thinking that's concerned with the business impact of a solution, and express yourself using appropriate terms. Why should they care? Why now? Engage in conversations with colleagues from other departments, show interest, and pick up the terms they like to use. You’ll be amazed how much you can take away from these conversations.
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