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French edition of "IT Service Management, an introduction based on ITIL" released

Posted by editors itwnet     April 28, 2005     19 views    
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The book has been translated in close co-operation with ITSMF Belgium, France, and Canada.

This introduction to IT Service Management, published by ITSMF, is based on the latest edition of the ITIL books and is intended to serve as:
-a thorough and convenient introduction to the field of IT Service Management and the books in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
-a self-study guide that contains all the material needed to prepare for the Foundation Certificate examination in IT Service Management.

It covers Service Support, Service Delivery, Security Management, ICT Infrastructure Management and the Application Management book of ITIL.

The North-American launch of "Gestion des service informatiques, une introduction basee sur l'ITIL", will be at the first French Conference on ITIL in Montreal, Canada,
next May 10. The theme will be ITIL and the governance of IT.

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