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The Proactive helpdesk

Posted by editors itwnet     November 5, 2004     10 views    
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Myths and strategies in delivering quality support at your helpdesk. asks us to consider the following remark, made by a CIO of a nationally known food company:

"According to my help desk case log, my call volumes are manageable, and we're closing
cases faster than ever. I don't need to know anything else to know that we?re ahead of the problem, that our help desk is doing its job and our users are more satisfied than ever."

Intuitively this seems like a reasonable argument. But to accept this intuitive argument you have to accept two not-so-intuitive assumptions, says ThinkHDI. They interviewed several CIOs and IT managers regarding these assumptions, and learned that they?re hardly correct ? that they?re more like myths. Learn more about these myths and the solution to them.