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IT Service Management and ITIL gaining ground in Spain and Latin America

Posted by editors itwnet     June 15, 2004     12 views    
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Spanish version of ITSM introduction book and ITSM terminology list now available.

Gestion de Servicios TI, una introduccion a ITIL In recent years, IT Service Management has been gaining ground rapidly in Spain and Latin America. However, a Spanish introduction to ITIL and IT Service Management in general was still missing. The Dutch ITSMF chapter filled this gap with a Spanish translation of "IT Service Management, an introduction - based on ITIL": "Gestion de Servicios TI, una introduccion a ITIL".

"Gestion de Servicios TI, una introducción a ITIL" has been established with the help of an international review team of Spanish speaking ITSM experts from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It is a thorough and convenient introduction to the field of IT Service Management and the books in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It is a self-study guide that contains all the material needed to prepare for the Foundation Certificate examination in IT Service Management. While this book may serve as a textbook, it contains a wealth of practical knowledge.

New Spanish terminology list "Gestión de Servicios TI, una introducción a ITIL" also contains a terminology list, which is available at no cost at ITSM PORTAL. The list is meant to support the dissemination of ITSM knowledge and information in the Spanish language in such a way that one common terminology is used in all Spanish speaking communities. The project to establish this terminology list is an initiative of Jan van Bon, chief editor of many ITSM publications.

The terminology list is part of the Compendium IT Service Management, a unique set of strict definitions of service management terminology. The list of terms is only a small, though crucial, part of this Compendium. The Compendium itself also contains the definitions of these terms and is in line with the ITIL documentation. But the terms - and the definitions - also go 'beyond ITIL' and will be extended with terms of various other IT management frameworks.