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Democratizing IT Service Management

Posted by editors itwnet     August 27, 2008     9 views    
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Butler Group analyst on Managed Objects using community-based approach with myCMDB.

By Roy Illsley, Butler Group analyst

Business service management vendor Managed Objects has announced that it has developed an innovative concept called myCMDB (Configuration Management Database), which is currently in beta test with a selection of Managed Objects customers.

IT service management and BSM play no small part in the quality of information that is held in a CMDB. Ensuring the validity and accuracy of this information is a management task that typically requires an administrator-type role, even for organizations with just a few thousand end-user devices.

The myCMDB concept uses the social networking approach of forming groups of individuals that share a common interest, which in the case of end users could be all of those in a particular role, geography, or department. Although individuals can be a part of several different groups, they can only join by invite, thereby ensuring that each group consists of only those individuals identified as directly impacted by any change.

The idea of using this community-based approach introduces a number of interesting concepts and challenges.