ITWNET ITWNET and IVI - Collaboration to bring ITCMF to the IT practitioners globally

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  • BLOG_POSTED_BY: Alejandro Debenedet
  • BLOG_POSTED_ON: Sep 20, 2017
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  • Description : In a recent event at Maynooth University in Ireland, Alejandro Debenedet introduced to the audience the benefits of the joint venture between ITWNET and IVI.
  • Location : Maynooth, Ireland


  • IVI has long been synomym of IT-CMF the world renowned capability maturity framework that has been used in more than 600 global companies worldwide to give the CIOs and the IT organizations a clear assessment of their strenghts and improvements opportunities.

    Eventhough there has always been a comprehensive training and certification to become an assessor and know how to use the artefacts and reports of ITCMF, it was only when IVI and ITWNET decided to join forces that a complete Training and certification model for the IT practitioner was created.

    In this way the benefits of the Body of Knowledge that is behind the assessment tool and which is comprised of research of over 100+ best practices and frameworks, is available to make the IT professional more successful.  

    In this way the practitioners have for the first time ever a single training and certification model that has an overarching approach to knowledge that includes mostly every aspect of IT practices including TOGAF, COBIT, ITIL, ITSM, security, cloud, devops, project management, outsourcing and more.  
    And with the new research it also dives into digital challenges like digital readiness, IT effectivenes and it will continue to grow in this ever changing world.

    And with its complementary trainings not only has the IT related expertise but can also include other areas that are important to equip the IT professional with all skills necessary and therefore create real business value.  Currently complementary training includes business service design and top soft skills trainings. 

    Alejandro Debenedet made a presentation about ITCMF and ITWNET and its strategic partnership with IVI which can be seen in the video.