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  • Description : We will be visiting Mexico as planned for the SDI17MX event. The planned event will happen at a time that all Mexico and Mexico City is in distress. We hope to contribute in a way by supporting the local community of IT professionals to come back to normal and lay a hand with whatever we can be of help.


  • During the event ITWNET will be introducing the people factor and how the community initiative that we represent helps professionals to become more successful.  In a way it is a symbol of what we have seen during these last days after the terrible earthquake and sad times the people from Mexico are living at.   

    When people are united with a common goal at hand, whether in live threatening situations or with business goals in mind, the way that they behave as a team and their resiliance is what gets the best out of each one.  And definitely we do not want to compare the heartbreaking situation in Mexico with the business goals, but just point out that for whatever we do, the most important asset is ourselves, the people.

    For more information on the event and the speakers lineup click this link:

    ee you soon Mexico.  Thanks for the opportunity to be of help.