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  • Description : Blockchain can change the way we handle IT services, says Rob Akershoek, Solution Architect at Shell. In an article on LinkedIn Pulse, Akershoek explains how IT management can benefit from blockchain technology. The article was shared by Akershoek in the ITWNET LinkedIn group ITIL & ITSM Best Practice.
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  • "Blockchain, the technology behind digital currency such as Bitcoin, is a globally distributed ledger or database (distributed on the Internet) and accessible to all, where information can easily be moved and stored in a safe and private way. It is safe as registered transactions can not be changed afterwards. Conceptually, Blockchain facilitates secure online transactions between different parties in a controllable and inexpensive way, "explains Akershoek.

    'Blockchain can transform IT services'
    "Much of the hype around blockchains is focused on their potential to fundamentally change the financial sector - by reducing the cost and complexity of financial transactions and increasing transparency. Indeed, it already has a major impact on this sector. However, Blockchain cloud can also be an interesting technology to transform the way we deliver IT services in a multi-vendor IT ecosystem. "

    The full article of Akershoek can be found on LinkedIn Pulse. How do you think about the (potential) impact of blockchain technology on IT and IT management?   

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