Why Beta

ITWNET Renewed Portal - Why Beta?

ITWNET is the Global IT Professionals Community


As you may have found by now, ITWNET Portal renewed version is full of new features and has a complete new user interface. More engaging that our previous 10+ years old interface, we are now up to date with the social engagement features our members require.

Knowledge wise we have all the content from the past, contributed by our knowledgeable and experienced professionals, plus new localised content in each countries' languages and full new content channels like News and Video Center.

We even have a new taxonomy for our Global Topics which aligns to IT-CMF and ITWNET Training and Certification model.
And more, including a fully integrated gamification and credits (continual professional development) engine, badges, login integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, new Events Center with check in and tickets sales, etc.
We are sure that all of these features guarantee an extended content rich experience for our global audience.

BUT ...

Still there is plenty to do. And while we wanted you to start enjoying from all the new features, we are also aware that here and there you will find things that are not yet up to our standard. Therefore we are still in beta and we will be for some time

From an agile development perspective, we will be in "constant beta", always improving your user experience



This is the ITWNET Portal - Looking forward to your comments.

The ITWNET Editorial Team and ITWNET Portal Admins

ITWNET is a sister community to CIONET: