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About ITWNET - Sister community of CIONET - 270.000+ professionals!

ITWNET is the Global IT Professionals Community


This world cannot live without IT any more. At the same time, we loose - or waste - trillions because of the inefficiencies in our IT systems, and because of projects that keep failing. And it's only getting worse, because new technologies and business models are emerging so fast that we can't find the time to repair what went wrong in the past.

If we want to do something about that, we need highly skilled IT professionals, who are competent for their task, who understand their specific roles, who can easily connect to others that play a role in the bigger picture, and who can quickly find the knowledge they need to be successful. But the current IT ecosystem is filled with shattered communities, platforms, networks, forums, and information resources.

The overwhelming availability of networking and information resources, has made it very hard for IT professionals to spend their community efforts efficiently. Many of their communities are struggling for their existence, and many are spending energy in a redundant way. For the IT professional, searching for the best knowledge and networking opportunities, this ends up in a daily struggle as well. 

Today’s IT sector desperately needs a truly global unifying community experience.

ITWNET Vision - Mission - Goal




ITWNET (also known as ITWorldNET) aims at bringing together all involved active stakeholders, under the premise that by joining efforts and leaving divisions aside we will all benefit. Not by replacing the activities of existing stakeholders, but by offering them an environment where they can flourish, connect with their targeted audience, reach out to others over the fence of their own domain, and profit from each other's networks and knowledge. We are a fast growing family of realists, that like to get things done!  With our sister community CIONET (more than 6.000 CIOs in 18 countries), our LinkedIN groups and Twitter followers, we are reaching hundreds of thousands of professionals

Our motto: Eventually everything connects






This is the ITWNET Portal
. It already contains lots of useful information for IT Experts, and it offers you the opportunity to create your own Special Interest Group and connect with other experts. In the next couple of months ITWNET will gradually transform: you will be able to collaborate on-line and exchange knowledge in a state-of-the-art ITWNET CMS; and on-site, you will be able to liaise with the local community through ITWNET Local Operations in many countries.  

Joining now: Get yourself a free account in this new global community, and connect to the knowledge and to your peers! OR Join with one of the Premium options and enjoy more benefits, discounts and access to more knowledge for a very attractive subscription rate. (corporate discounts available)  

ITWNET Founding partners and local operations

ITWNET is a collective of well known entrepreneurs with technology and business backgrounds that come from different sectors of the IT industry and different parts of the world. The number of associated partners, local operations and sponsors will grow during the next couple of months, to cover a global base of IT management parties.

ITWNET is a sister community to CIONET: